Workplace Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Businesses today are constantly striving to improve standards and ensure that their employees receive outstanding support regarding their health and wellbeing.

Expectations are rightfully high within any work setting. However, the working environment, the workload, the responsibilities, the deadlines and individuals’ personal lives can create tremendous pressure for staff teams and employees.

Entrepreneurs and executives use many tools and rituals to stay focused and get ahead. “It’s remarkable just how many celebrities use hypnosis—how many CEOs and heads of production companies,” says Dr. Steve G. Jones, a hypnotherapist based in Savannah, Georgia, who charges $25,000 for two-hour sessions with top executives, actors, directors and producers. “…It’s sort of a secret weapon for a lot of very successful, very wealthy people.”

Managing this pressure is critical to prevent increasing levels of stress and anxiety, and doing so can see:

I work with individuals on a one-to-one basis and can also offer group sessions and informative workshops. These can be tailored to suit all age groups, environments and delivered in a variety of formats and lengths; they are fun, interesting and always very well received.