Weight Management

Many people struggle with their weight, and a high proportion are quick to try unrealistic diets that could cause damage to their health. They lack motivation to eat sensibly by eating healthy food with adequate portion sizes at suitable intervals through the day. Depression, low mood and lack of confidence all affect a person’s relationship with food and how they perceive its role in their life.

How I can help

I explore the underlying issues affecting your weight to motivate you to make better dietary choices and adopt a dedicated approach towards a healthier lifestyle. Through understanding about how the brain works, reducing stress and stimulating the intellectual mind you are better able to make the correct decisions which leads to the achievement of weight loss.

Common symptoms:

What Next?

If you would like more information about my work and my practice, please contact me on 01704 601010 or at Email me. We can have a relaxed, no-obligation chat during which I will confirm if I can be of help.

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