One to one hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you change if you want it to! It’s a way of harnessing your brain’s natural power to achieve change and find the best version of ‘you’ that there is!

Are you looking for change? Do you want to make a difference to your life?

In my one-to-one sessions, I don’t ask my clients to dig up the past and analyse the problem. Instead, I focus on the solution for a positive future through conversation and therapy. My sessions are relaxed, confidential and thought-provoking.

Unable to make it to the clinic?

Not a problem- home visits and online appointments also available.

Hypnosis is………

  • A collaborative process between you and the therapist
  • Completely safe
  • Something anyone can learn to do and accomplish
  • A method of achieving change that has lots of evidence to back it up
  • Time for relaxation and focus on positive suggestions
  • Time for yourself and a step on the journey to be the best “you” there is
  • A way to change behaviour and habits
  • A skill that you can use in everyday life to manage stress

Hypnosis is not……

  • A form of mind control
  • Something to be scared of
  • Going to leave you ‘stuck’ in a trance
  • A trick that will make you do things you don’t want to do

Carefree, comfortable & enjoyable way of living

Why not take your first step and discover if I can help you to move forward to that brighter future that is yours for the taking?

The Life of Riley Hypnotherapy can help overcome many challenges such as:

One to One Reviews

Wonderful service

Wonderful service for my son who’s been struggling with anxiety and eating disorder. Georgia is a lovely softly spoken lady with patience and understanding and I wish her well in her business and career as a hypnotherapist. - Suzanne


Had the best nights sleep last night after a visit to you yesterday Georgia, I listened to your CD as i was falling asleep and it definitely helped, I was fast asleep before the end and woke up at 7:30 BRILLIANT! – Alan

Absolutely brilliant

Had a few sessions and can already see and feel the positive impact they’re having on my day to day life. Never felt to tranquil during our sessions either. Absolutely brilliant. - Grace

I can highly recommend

My 15-year-old daughter has really enjoyed her sessions with Georgia and I can honestly say the difference in her confidence and happiness is remarkable. I can highly recommend. - Ann

It will transform you without a doubt

It will transform you without a doubt, it has me…. and my name is already Riley. Thank you, Georgia. – Alan

Thank you Georgia

Seeing Georgia has made a massive difference to our daughter. The anxiety-ridden state of mind she was operating from has been changed to one of positivity. The sessions have really given us our daughter back ❤ even teacher's at school have commented on the difference they have seen in lessons. With Georgia's support, she is now heading towards GCSEs with a relaxed and confident attitude. Thank you Georgia. -Joanne Sheeran

Georgia had completely changed my mindset

Georgia is such a professional and positive person and I have thoroughly enjoyed every session during the Life of Riley retreat. I was doubtful at first but I can honestly say that Georgia has dramatically changed my quality of life and for that I can't thank her enough! I loved the little treats she gave out at each session and she has given me the knowledge to help myself choose happiness 💕 I would highly recommend her! I am editing this post 2 months later because I am still seeing and feeling the positive benefits that Georgia has brought in to my life... When I first joined up to the life of Riley retreat I was sceptical about hypnotherapy working as I was in such a bad place having always suffered with anxiety and then with the added pressure of trying for a baby. However, after the first session with Georgia I came home feeling happier, calmer and more positive. Georgia is such a happy and calming person to be around and really made me feel at ease. She asked me to think about where I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Georgia's calming voice during the hypnotherapy, it relaxed my mind and took away my stresses. I also listened to Georgia's hypnotherapy recording every night to fall asleep to and I believe this also helped massively. Upon finishing the course, Georgia showed me a graph where she had plotted my progress in terms of happiness and wellbeing. Here I was able to see on paper the huge amount of progress I had made! Two weeks after finishing the life of riley retreat, I was delighted to find I was pregnant! Georgia had completely changed my mindset in a matter of six weeks. I can't thank her enough for dramatically improving my mental wellbeing and helping me and my husband to conceive our first baby together ❤️ xxx -Amy Gent

I love my weekly sessions

I cannot recommend Georgia enough, after struggling with mental health for a number of years, a recent break up really tipped my anxiety and anger over the edge. Georgia has helped me focus on the positive rather than the negative and now I am achieving things I never thought possible. I love my weekly sessions ❤️thank you so much for everything x -Laura Thomas


Georgia is a lovely woman who has single-handedly changed my life for the better. She has taught me so many different life skills which will stay with me forever. My hour session on a Monday was definitely the highlight of my week, putting me in a positive mindset for the rest of the week. So many things that I was struggling to achieve, suddenly became easy to achieve. I understand the reasons why I was feeling the way I was, and why now, i feel better. My brain has well and truly been reprogrammed for the better and I feel much more of an all round, considerate and reasonable person. I came in to this practise as low as physically possible and left, 13 sessions later feeling on top of the world. I will never be able to thank you enough Georgia. It SERIOUSLY works! – Owen, 17

Thank You Georgia

I couldn’t recommend Georgia enough! When I first came to The Life Of Riley my Anxiety was consuming my life and deteriorating my health, I could barely eat, my stomach hurt all the time and I constantly felt sick especially when I tried to leave the house or thought about leaving the house, I was over sleeping and I had no control over my mind, this was a build up from anxiety over the years- I had tried everything- Counselling at both college and University and Cognitive behaviour therapy and still had no joy until I started hypnotherapy! Georgia helped me overcome my anxiety and take back control of my mind! After 12, 1 hour sessions I had a 70% improvement! Georgia helped me break negative thoughts and memories down and create new positive memories in their place, she helped me understand how my mind works so I can work with it- I now have a healthy routine and can now do all the things I wanted to do and try things out of my comfort zone! Thank You Georgia – Rebecca


Georgia is lovely, knowledgeable and friendly, I've had 2 sessions so far and I can't believe how relaxed I've felt after each one, the stresses of the day just melt away. I've left each session feeling chilled and rested, would definitely recommend to all, it's really worth taking that time out of your day each week to focus on yourself, thank you so much Georgia. - Sarah

Would recommend 100%

What a great relaxing experience! My second session and already feeling the benefits, my thought patterns, positivity and stress levels are improving :) Georgia what can I say!!! Very easy to talk to and extremely understanding and calming to be around would recommend her 100% - Vicky

Felt the benefits straight away

Georgia puts you at ease straight away. I felt so calm and was able to release all my worries. I have felt the benefits straight away and have felt less stressed in circumstances that I would never have imagined I could have been in before Georgia’s help. - Sharon

It has really helped

Have had a few sessions and it has really helped. This is ideal for all, from teenagers stressing over exams to parents dealing with those teenagers, work related stress and everything in between. I have had the sessions over Skype and that hasn’t been an issue at all, so you actually don’t need to leave your front room if you don’t want to! Thoroughly recommend. Many thanks Georgia. - Melanie

Would definitely recommend it

Really helpful when dealing with anxiety from GCSEs! Would definitely recommend it! – Maddy

Fantastic service.

it really helped my son through his GCSEs to relieve the stress of exams. – Marie

What Next?

If you would like more information about my work and my practice, please contact me on 01704 601010 or at Email me. We can have a relaxed, no-obligation chat during which I will confirm if I can be of help.

Alternatively, book now and secure your initial consultation

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