Now is the time for success

Who needs a holiday? Why not use the time to plan world domination instead? Thrive for success, now is the right time! Here is a brief account of how a long holiday turned into building a successful business. Lets start while I was writing my dissertation… I began to panic. However, not the usual panic of an individual with perfectionist traits mid-way through final year of university. No. Panic that I was going to have 6 months off soon, before continuing onto a master’s degree. This was absurd, however was I going to cope with so much time on my hands? What can I do to better myself during this time? 6 months is too much precious time to waste. What can I do to help me provide the best possible life for my young son? And so, the google searches began.

Before I knew it, I had opened the lines of communication with many training programs but before I knew it I was booked in for an online interview with Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) in Manchester. After my interview with two wonderful lectures and a great deal of research into the course I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I fell in love with the concept and values of this therapy. I am keen to learn and always looking for a challenge. Always striving to be the best possible version of myself. I wanted to fast track my academic experience and start earning money to buy our first family home. February, I began my training and what a life changing experience this was.

At my university graduation in July I received a first-class psychology honors degree, surrounded by all of my fellow graduates and family, what a day to remember! However, I was already half way through my CPHT training with a registered business, seeing 12 weekly clients and building my success. Although accepted onto a master’s degree, by the time September came around I was moving into a new, bigger therapy room and thought long and hard about my options… Decision made, the business is thriving (although still not making a profit) and I need to be able to funnel all of my energy into growing its awareness ready for when I start charging clients. So I continued to use every spare minute wisely. I have walked the streets hand delivering invitations, leaflets, beer mats, posters, pens. Taken the time to approach and talk to other businesses, schools, advertising agencies, newspapers, cafes, doctors and local people. I have put endless hours into admin work, designing, printing, accounting and all the other behind the scene activity of owning a business.

Fast forward again to November I have finished my portfolio and qualifying with many wonderful like-minded people at CPHT Manchester I stepped out in the big wide world of business and I have absolutely no regrets. The endless hours of hard work, the money, the sacrifices… It has paid off and I love it!

I currently run one-to-one sessions, wellbeing groups and provide talks for many different establishments from my local council, schools to the local rugby team. I encourage all my clients to leave my presence with a spring in their step, a sparkle in their eye and a smile on their face, reinvigorated towards their preferred future. While making sure I continue to get out, speak to people, network, give out freebies and promote The Life of Riley Hypnotherapy, raising awareness in every imaginable way. The possibilities for improvement with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy are almost limitless. Do not wait for success to find you, find something you are passionate about and go out and make yourself a success!