Solution Focused & Brain Based Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy is based on the latest research in the field of neuroscience (the study of the structure and function of the human brain and nervous system).

It is a blend of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

Clients being treated through Solution Focused Therapy are reinvigorated and motivated to adopt a positive mindset, focusing on how they want things to be. 
Highlighting an individual’s own natural skills and resources helps them to overcome difficulties, producing effective and lasting results. Changes can be simple, subtle and very positive. Through this guided process the client can visualise and achieve a more enjoyable and fulfilled future. 
Solution Focused Therapy does not involve analysing past traumas, negative experiences or painful hurts. Rather, it acknowledges where you are at present and what your preferred future looks like.

The forward-looking solution-focused approach explored within my sessions, empowers you to help yourself and achieve your goals in a relatively short period of time. 

Brain based therapy

Our mind creates unwanted symptoms and behaviours that get in the way of our desired goals and make us suffer.

Research from neuroscience tells us that in a state of trance your subconscious mind becomes more receptive to beneficial suggestions for positive change. In our therapy sessions we explore these suggestions and how we can move forward beyond the unwanted obstacles to meet our potential. 

We look at the human fear response, as well as the power of positive visualisation and self-talk, and learn how to train your mind to work for you, rather than against you.

Motivation for change

Brain based therapy can be a powerful motivator, whether for a sporting event or to succeed in personal or business life. For instance, when mentally rehearsing tasks such as lifting weights or playing the piano, visualisation can improve performance and physical strength as much as actually physically practising. 
During the hypnotic process, brain waves change. We become more focused, more relaxed and better able to make intellectual decisions.

As a client, you need to be motivated to change and be willing to undertake and commit to a course of regular sessions to bring about the change you’re looking for.

What Next?

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