Get up and go!

Without that ‘get up and go’ life can become dull, problematic and lack any inspiration or enjoyment. Motivation is key in our daily lives to achieve and flourish. When we are motivated we achieve, and this can lead to becoming healthier, wealthier and wiser.

What happens then, what goes wrong when we lack motivation, we haven’t got that get up and go within us? For many, this can cause real problems, procrastination, frustration, and tensions building. This can lead to problems in relationships, a lack of self-worth and confidence, withdrawal from social situations and neglecting daily chores or even self-care.

Therefore, understanding how to get your ‘get up and go’ back is essential and can yield some amazing results. There are many areas where motivation is key such as:

Firstly, a key element of motivation is knowing what your goals are, what inspires you, what gives you that ‘get up and go’ feeling. Identifying goals is essential before you can start to motivate yourself. This in itself cannot be easy and I often find myself working with clients to uncover what their wishes and desires are before we can begin to motivate them to achieve.

Secondly, confidence plays a big role in motivation. To achieve your goal, you have to believe it is possible, that you can actually do this. Therefore, even when we have identified our goals we then need to build our confidence which sometimes means changing the beliefs built up over our lifetime- we may have been told ‘you can’t do that’, ‘we can afford things like that’, ‘you’re not clever enough’ or ‘that’s unrealistic’ etc etc. It is not unusual to require some confidence building before we believe we can achieve and live the dream.

Let’s begin with a simple and achievable activity of writing a list. Are you a list lover like me? I’d like you to write a list of all the things you would like to achieve or do. This can be a list of things to do before you die, it could be a list of the next 5 years or a list for the next month of to-dos. Give it some good thought, thinking about all the things you REALLY would like to do. Once you have formulated this list, break it down into either the things you want to achieve this year and then the rest. Or things you would like to achieve this week and then the rest. Now pick up the list of things to come first (this year or this week) and prioritise each item in order you’d like to achieve them.

What is the first item on your first list? The first thing to be achieved?
Close your eyes and just imagine you’ve finished it, completed it, achieved it. Whatever it may be, close your eyes and picture it DONE! What does that feel like to have been motivated and to have achieved that goal?

Perhaps break it down- let’s imagine you want to finally post those sale items piled in the corner of the room online to sell. As your visualising that image of having the money in your hands because you have successfully sold those items online and achieved your goals. Just picture how good that makes you feel and feel the motivation you had as you look back and perhaps imagine the process you took to achieve that goal. You may see yourself only getting one item out, one manageable item at a time. Break it down even further perhaps you got one item out, but you did this item in small manageable steps-
day1 clean the item,
day2 picture the item,
day3 post the item,
day4 reply to enquiries
day5 item sold,
day6 package and post the item.

Now repeat this process for item 2 on your list of things to do, imagine how it feels to actually achieve that goal. Repeat this process over a few days, really start believing you have already achieved and succeeded- and let me know what happens.

Hypnotherapy is based on the principle of auto-suggestion at deeper levels than we can begin to comprehend. The subconscious mind is largely responsible for the way we think and react. Hypnotherapy converses with the subconscious mind to encourage positive change to self-perception and self-image, because if we consistently tell ourselves we can’t do something then we are training and programming our own subconscious mind to accept that we can’t. So, it appears quite simple, if we think differently we may actually achieve something we’ve always wanted to do. Start training and programming your subconscious mind to achieve and do this by imagining that you’ve actually done it already and done it well.

Picture that end goal.

Your subconscious mind understands your true potential, with hypnotherapy and positive thinking it taps into this subconscious through gentle affirmations such as ‘I can, and I will’, and this will retrain your mind into believing that nothing is impossible.

Hypnotherapy is underpinned by motivation, we need it in every walk of life. Therefore firstly, we need our goal clear in our mind and then once you begin this journey, you can see changes in a very short period of time through altering our thoughts, self-perception and self-image. Hypnotherapy gives you a whole new view of the world to discover all the wonderful possibilities of life.

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