Feeling like a fraud?

Miserable, unhappy, stressed out… but leave the house with a big fake smile on your face?

Exhausted, can’t cope… but turn up to work happy and upbeat for the benefit of your customers?

You’ve hit a problem but in order not to cry or scream you simply sit back and smile?

But what actually happens when you smile? Does it make a difference?

Well, certain muscles in your face move in a unique way when you smile, and this sends a message up to the brain that you are happy. The subconscious elements of your brain don’t recognise that you are pretending to smile or forcing it because we can’t go to work and be moody or miserable.

Instead, your brain is tricked into believing that you are happy, because why else would you be smiling?

So, with your brain not knowing the difference- it makes you happier! This is a proven fact.

Secondly, when you smile you impact your surroundings and things change for the better. People around you smile back, people around you match your upbeat, happy mood. You then get a good feeling from the people around you because your smile is bouncing back all the time.

What started off as a fake or pretend smile often leads you to a real smile and commonly shared with others, making the next person a little happier too.

So, next time you are out walking the dog, smile and watch it bounce back. Next time you are driving the car smile at passing cars and catch the person turning into the road next to you, smile back. As you’re walking down the street watch someone else’s face completely change and turn into a smile, as your smile ‘infects’ them and in turn bounces back at you.

To trick your brain into making you happy all the more, place things in your own environment that make you smile, pictures of family and friends, reminders of your achievements or special memories and positive quotes that remind you that “You are amazing”.

So, have a smilie day and see what difference it makes, to your work, your family, your friends and your overall sense of wellbeing.

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