Range High School Testimonial

The Life Of Riley spent time with year 11 & 12 pupils to help them prepare for exams, cope with stress and improve their happiness

“Over a period of 10 weeks, Georgia from ‘The Life of Riley Hypnotherapy’ worked with a small group of our year 11/12 pupils. The hour-long sessions were focused towards helping our pupils to improve their happiness, positive mental strength, motivation and performance in external examinations.

What was most refreshing about Georgia’s group education programme was that it did not focus on problems, instead our pupils were guided to focus on their own strengths and resources to help them to reduce their exam stress and pressure.

Georgia’s programme taught this group of pupils the importance of how our brains work and its impact on how we think, feel and behave. Each session was informative, fun and uplifting. Georgia ended each session with a very enjoyable deep relaxation and gave each pupil a copy to practice at home.

Our pupils reported that they found Georgia engaging, bubbly, and committed to making a difference, they particularly found the personal well-being gift they received after each session useful.

I found ‘The Life of Riley Hypnotherapy’ education programme to be very professional and helpful in reducing our pupil’s anxiety about their external examinations. I would wholeheartedly recommend Georgia, and we look forward to using her services again in the future.”

Student feedback:

“I have enjoyed my time with The Life of Riley, it has helped my nerves and social anxiety. I feel more comfortable with talking to people about my feelings, especially with the stress of exams”.

Lynn Gaskell
Range High School
01704 879315 

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