Detox while you Sleep!

When, will we as a busy society begin to recognise the importance of our sleep?

I regularly discuss with my clients the importance of sleep for maintenance of healthy brain functions, specifically the role of our REM (rapid eye movement) cycle in the emptying of our ‘stress buckets’ and processing all of our wakeful activity.

However, this article reports on the research done in the deep phase of sleep or ‘deep sleep’. We know this has already been associated with memory retention, but this latest research now demonstrates exactly how our bodies possibly clear toxins out of our brain while we sleep. This process could influence future methods of treatment for neurogenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Good sleep leads to happier and healthy humans.

Sleep is not just for rest, as we do have the ability to actively rest while we are awake but we cannot replicate the these newly discovered brain processes while we are awake, so why do we put so much focus on things like exercise and healthy eating, yet neglect the one thing that is so crucial to keeping our mind and body healthy and strong?

Have a read of the following report and journal article to find out more…

Link to article:

Link to Journal:

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