Cluck like a chicken! The power of Hypnotherapy

We have all heard the word on the street, being hypnotized can make you lose control and cluck like a chicken. Hypnotherapy is sometimes exploited and feared. However, it is extremely underestimated and has helped many people in so many different ways. So why not read on and consider how it could help you!

Firstly, if you were to ever run around clucking like a chicken that’s probably because you want to and possibly after enjoying six pints of beer. Nobody can be made to do anything they don’t want to.

Within a therapeutic session, hypnosis is induced by the therapist’s voice and focusing the mind on something specific. While in a hypnotic trance you are fully aware of everything happening around you, it is simply a very comfortable relaxed state of mind. This trance-like state we go in and out of many times a day every time we daydream- while reading a book, sat on the train, driving the car. We do it all the time without realizing. Everyone can be hypnotised, with the exception of very young children, and anyone under the influence of hard drugs or large quantities of alcohol.
Hypnosis is about working together so that you can be empowered to create change. So, if your partner wants you to give up smoking, but you don’t, then hypnotherapy won’t work. However, it can be a very effective tool for a great many problems where psychological factors are involved click here to see our list of treatable concerns (Link to treatments page).

Many people explain how they feel like they’re having a fight with themselves, they know who they really are but there is another part of them taking over, a part they don’t like, often stopping them from achieving goals, or living the life they want. i.e. desire to diet, and the other half of them wanting to eat compulsively. Or wanting to progress in a skill, you know what you have to do yet there is a mental block of achieving that next step.

The mind controls our thoughts both good and bad, but you can take back control of the negative thoughts that ‘creep in and take over’ through the practice of hypnotherapy. By relaxing the mind into a hypnotic trance and suggesting positive thoughts and behaviours it enables the subconscious and conscious elements of the mind to work together towards achieving the same objective. Rather than experiencing the internal conflict between the conscious desires and subconscious drives to stay the same
Hypnotherapy in its clinical use is quite simply one of the most powerful devices for personal development and positive change.   Why?  Because it utilises the most powerful part of our creative potential – our imagination.

If you would like more information about my work and my practice, please contact me on 01704 601010 or email me. We can have a relaxed, no-obligation chat during which I will confirm if I can be of help.

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