Beat Anxiety Build-up with Hypnotherapy

Everyone has suffered the odd anxious moment at some time or another. But for some, anxiety builds to a level where the impact on quality of life is significant and sometimes devastating.

So, what is anxiety and how can we stop it becoming destructive?

Anxiety is part of our primitive, caveman defence mechanism, which was once there to protect us when life was full of dangers such as sabre-toothed tigers. This primitive part of our brain is negative. It has to be to ensure our survival. If we were faced with a sabre-toothed tiger, we don’t want to be optimistic thinking “it has just had its lunch” as this would only lead to us being eaten!

Nowadays much of our anxiety is caused by negative thinking that can easily become a habit in life. A build-up of anxiety may be a gradual process, but eventually the balance will tip, and we start operating in our primitive brain.

Once that happens a vicious circle is established – the more anxious we feel the more time we spend in our primitive brain, and the more it encourages us to think negatively… thereby creating more anxiety.

How can we break this vicious circle?

We can retrain the brain to focus on the positive aspects of life. It’s a fact that whatever we focus on we amplify, and simply making ourselves notice the good things protects us from building up new levels of anxiety. Once the influx of new anxieties is under control, we can more easily process what’s already there.

Sounds simple? It is, but it does take determination to make the shift. Hypnotherapy offers a gentle way to help retrain the brain, often having a rapid effect in reducing anxiety to manageable levels and giving you the control back that you deserve.

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