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Guest Blog by professional Reflexologist & Aromatherapy Massage Therapist Carly Jones at Aroma Rooms

At Aroma Rooms we offer Massage Therapy services that include relaxing Aromatherapy massage and Reflexology.

An aromatherapy massage is a relaxing treatment using a unique blend of high-quality aromatherapy oils, chosen and blended to suit each individual client. Oils are all natural and have different benefits to the body. These oils are then used during the massage to work the whole body, with treatment focusing on all areas most prone to stress such as the back, neck, arms and legs using different pressures and techniques. Firstly, warming up the muscles followed by strokes done in a manner to relax the muscle or tendons and free any tightness and eliminate knots. Helping with circulation, insomnia, stress and anxiety, pain management and to boost overall feeling of wellbeing.

Reflexology involves applying medium pressure to specific points on the feet that correspond to the body’s vital organs. By applying direct pressure, tension and blockages can be broken down and a free flow of energy to the whole body is created. The part of the body connected to the reflex point is also cleared allowing the body to heal itself.

One of the most-known and proven benefits of reflexology is enhancement in circulation. Having an increase in circulation means that blood and oxygen are distributed throughout different parts of the body more efficiently. Proper oxygenation through increased circulation means that vital organ systems are better able to perform functions properly which is essential in maintaining overall health. As we get older the sensitivity of our nerve endings slows down especially in our extremities, through reflexology more than 7,000 nerve endings are being connected, increasing their reactivity and functions. As well as this reflexology is widely used as a treatment for mild to chronic pain, through the same process, stress and anxieties are eliminated leading to a more positive mental health.

Together aromatherapy massage and reflexology are a powerful natural combination for the body. These techniques boost the immune system, reduces toxins, treats tension which can lead to symptoms like tension headaches, alleviates stress and lifts mood. This treatment combination also helps you increase the rate of healing and recovery leaving you with a feeling of relief… physically, mentally and emotionally.

Carly Jones
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