2020 is the time for living your best life!

How many times have you set a new year’s resolution?

How many have you achieved?

How many are you successfully maintaining today?

This year let’s do something different. Let’s set a new year’s resolution to:

Why? We need to understand that our first priority should always be to ourselves!

Perhaps a busy life, putting others first, negative beliefs and bad habits have kept you feeling disempowered in the past. But, you are now waking up to the fact that your personal needs must be met and maintained in order for you to be able to walk forward positively and achieve your goals.

We have two parts to our brain and when we are not meeting our own personal needs the sensible part of the brain that sets our resolutions is overridden by the emotional part of our brain which has a common tendency to step in and hijack our sensible wishes and desires. The emotional part of our brain wants to feel good by maintaining old habits and routines, getting a feel-good chemical release from food, cigarettes, the comfort of the couch with a glass of wine and bar of chocolate or whatever it knows and loves- often whatever you are seeking to change. The emotional brain does not like change!

However, by taking care of yourself first, by meeting your own needs for yourself as your priority you feel motivated and empowered. But most of all when you put yourself first when you feel good, it is much easier to achieve the things you want to achieve whether that be weight loss, going to the gym, healthy eating or so on. When we are meeting our own needs as a priority we have ample feel-good chemicals flowing in our system and our emotional part of the brain takes a step back becoming much more comfortable and accepting to allow the sensible part of the brain to step in and help us make the necessary changes towards achieving our goals.

So, how about factoring in some time in the diary for yourself? Have a relaxing bath, start reading a new book? Take up a new hobby or join a social group? Regularly book yourself in for a massage, facial or hair-cut? Get some regular coffee dates booked in with friends and family? Go to the theatre or take a trip to explore part of the world? Seek professional support to improve any mental health concerns or to become less self-critical?

We can forget about thinking this is selfish because when you take care of yourself, you feel good and when you feel good then you have many more resources available for others. You will be loved no less for it! You become an inspiration to those around you, to those you love, who see how empowered you are, see all your day to day successes with your relaxed and positive approach to life and this inspires others to find those positive qualities within themselves.

Whatever day it is today when you’re reading this, start now, right now! Go and book yourself some self-care and put yourself first again. Have some fun and repeat on a regular basis.

When you take care of yourself first, your world begins to change for the better.

Here at The Life of Riley Hypnotherapy we can help and support you on this journey to living life as the best version of you that you can be.

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