£100,000 GIVEAWAY!

If I gave you a one hundred thousand pounds worth of £50 notes, what would you spend them on?


That’s ridiculous, we wouldn’t hand over such a valuable amount of money on something that is going to impact us negatively, make us sad and unhealthy, would we?

But we commonly do…

Did you know that research suggests humans have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day! That equates to 2,100-3,300 thoughts per hour and 35-48 thoughts per minute.

So where does the £100,000 come into it?

I often speak with my clients about every thought we have has a value and once we understand the power of our thoughts the value we consider reasonable is £50. So, if every thought we have has a value of £50 then every hour we are giving away one hundred thousand pounds.

At present how do you spend your thoughts?
Are you spending your thoughts on the problems or are you spending your thoughts on the positives and the preferred future you want to achieve?

We often find ourselves focusing and thinking about our problems, about our worries, thinking about the worst-case scenarios for the future and about any symptoms we may be experiencing. Which in turn this pattern of thinking and racing thoughts can lead to sleepless nights, symptoms worsening, headaches, aches and pains, panic attacks and poor mental health, stress, anxiety, low mood, IBS, OCD, to name a few.

When we revaluate and understand the value and power of our thoughts we begin to spend them differently. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you do just that.

We are here to give you the understanding and knowledge about how the brain works, how it enables us to suffer in the ways that we so commonly do. But most importantly what we can do about it, taking back control in a relaxed and positive approach without the need to dig up the past or discuss the problems.

Here to help you change the way you use the power of your mind and help you spend your thoughts on the positives and make it much easier and quicker to achieve your goals and reduce or even remove the negative symptoms.

But take note, be conscious about how you spend your £50 notes and begin to invest in a positive future for yourself and those around you.

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